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Love them

It feels so good doing the right thing for the environment! So glad I found you.

Product is as specified. Didn’t need as much of this product as the bag said. Plenty left over for refills.

Packaging, size of beans and ease of

Great, environmentally friendly alternative

I love these beans!!

These beans are so good, they are bigger than the standard bean, which felt reassuring with kid safety, they are also don’t have the horrendous smell that some other standard beans have! Highly recommend.

Could not be happier!

I was making a new, larger bean bag for my 8 year old grandson & decided that I was not prepared to use the old type of beans again. On arrival, the presentation of the beans was pristine in their beautifully stitched bags & environmentally-friendly packaging - it seemed a shame to open them. I was very pleased that not a single bean was spilt when I transferred them into the lining as it was so easy to pour them from the bag provided. Very happy with my purchase & my grandson loves his bean bag. Thank you, Envee beans

excellent product

Arrived promptly. Guilt free bean bag.

Got these in our Bean Bags beside the pool work a treat!

Beautifully packaged and easy to use. A great alternative that is environmentally friendly.

Envee Beanbag

Love my new envee beanbag!
Shapes perfectly to any body who is using it from the littlest person to the biggest person.
Whether watching tv, on the iPad or reading, everyone in our family tries to grab it first!

Bio-based Bean Bag Beans
MaryEllen Miller
Great product, great service

I was so excited to have outdoor bean bags for our coast house but felt very guilty about non-eco friendly beans. Was so happy to find Envee and when I ordered, Hamish actually called to check I hadn’t doubled up. I was worried about delivery but it was speedy and smooth, even though it was right before Christmas. Thoroughly recommend this company, Hamish was so friendly and helpful, it was a delight to engage with them. I love the way the bean bags feel and NO PLASTIC waste at all!!!!👏👏👏

Nicely packed and feels nice

I haven't felt what other 'standard' type fillings feel like for a very long time so I can't really compare the comfort. However I do know that our new big SpottedQuoll organic woolfelt bean bags are super comfy with these babies filled up! The envee beans feel firm and bounces back to its original shape well, so hopefully will last for a very long time.
Mainly for me though, I've held off buying bean bags for a long long time because I always thought they were unenvironmentally friendly until I came across this product. So although it's quite a bit dearer, I believe it's worth it in the longer term for a premium, lasting, and more environmentally friendly product.


Sustainable, and with outstanding service. Couldn't be happier. Will be recommending long into the future.

Works great

Great product and so good to not have something you know will be in the environment for centuries! The people who run envee are also super responsive and nice.

SO GOOD! Shoudl be the only bean bag beans available!

I love them. So easy to fill our bean bag and now I don't feel awful about polystrene in my house or contributing to landfill. YAY

Wonderful product and great service

The Envee beans are great! They’re sustainable, hold their shape and make for a very comfy bean bag. Dealing with the Envee team is a pleasure! Love it

Environmentally friendly and works like a charm!

I received my Envee Beans in just a few days, they provided super quick delivery! I love how they are sustainable and easy to use, thank you

Amazing product, even better service!

Great product, so happy to find eco-friendly beans! And the customer service from Hamish is unparalleled. Incredibly helpful and accommodating. Highly recommend doing business with this company!

procrastinating adult son

Having wanted a bean bag chair in his minuscule apartment to watch south Korean films on his laptop, a tastefully covered bag was purchased by mother and oh yes this is for us, ENVEE plant placed beans!
How many time have I chased other people’s poorly discarded polystyrene escapee beans down the road with a dustpan and shovel, full of righteous judgement and with immediate vision of horror as the watery creature devours them unwittingly.

Superb service my ENVEE bean arrived before I knew it, only to have my son want meditation cushion instead.

Equally as efficient, helpful and gracious in their return.
These are the local companies I choose to buy my stuff from. Fully human and principled.

Many thanks

Love Envee beans!

Absolutely love our Envee beans - not only are they eco friendly but so is the packaging. We also found them much easier to put into our bean bags with the paper bag pouring them very nicely (and no static!).

Much easier to negotiate than the smaller ones and I feel good about the compostable aspect

Love these beans

These beans feel a lot more comfortable in a bean bag than regular beans due to the sizes of them. Unlike regular beans, they do not get static and end up sticking to everything on the way into the bean bag. The paper bag they were supplied in made it easy to cut a funnel so there was very little spillage when filling the bean bag. I definitely recommend these for anyone wanting a better alternative to regular styrofoam beans.

Amazing service and product

We were so happy to find an environmentally friendly product for bean bags in Australia. The beans arrived so quickly and Hamish was so helpful with all our enquiries - thanks Hamish!

Great product and great choice for the environment

Envee beans are so much better than the polystyrene alternative in many ways. The larger size bean doesn’t leak all over the house if you have a tiny hole, so much safer and less work. Very impressed with the plastic-free packaging! 11/10

Bio-based Bean Bag Beans
Karla Hazeldine

Bio-based Bean Bag Beans