Beanbag beans, lovingly made from plants.

Why are envee beans so different?


With their larger size and shape, envee beans move around less, providing a uniquely supportive & comfortable beanbag.


Ingeo, used to make envee beans, is 100% plant based & produces 80% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional polystyrene during production.

Australian Made

Our small passionate team designs, develops & manufactures envee products right here in Melbourne, Australia.


Envee beans are bigger & longer-lasting, which means they keep their size and shape better over time. Less flattening and less refills!

Unique Shape

We designed envee beans at approximately the size of a large macadamia nut. Aside from being uniquely comfortable, this consumes less energy in production & is infinitely easier to clean up in a spill.

Indoor & Outdoor

Although 100% bio-based, envee beans will not breakdown inside your bag or dissolve in water. They are perfect for all beanbag applications.

Pair envee beans with a quality modern beanbag to relax, work or play - just about anywhere you can imagine.

Relax at home

Whether you are working, or watching Netflix, envee beans will keep you comfortable.

Create versatile event spaces

Unleash your creativity when furnishing your next venue.

Treasure your time outdoors

In comfort and with good company.

Create flexible work spaces

Modern, agile environments, that inspire your team and lower your carbon footprint.

Envee beans are super easy to fill into your beanbag without creating a mess.

Envee beans are for all Aussies, businesses and community organisations who believe in creating a better world for future generations.

Finally we can all fill our beanbags guilt-free!

Our beans are just the beginning of the envee journey.

Looking for a beanbag?

Visit our partners page to find some like-minded producers of quality, comfortable bags, that work perfectly with our envee beans.

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Business or bulk buyer?

If you are a retailer looking to partner with us or you are looking for a bulk quantity of beans (1200L+), we would love to hear from you.

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