Our Partners

These forward-thinking companies fill their bean bags with envee beans or recommend us to their customers. If you are purchasing a bean bag, we highly recommend you check them out!


Koskela is the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®. They have a 21-year history of delivering innovative, sustainable, and inspiring Australian made products.

We could not be happier to have Koskela’s beanbags filled with envee beans.

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Basil Bangs

Basil Bangs designs premium homewares that celebrate the vibrant energy of summer while enhancing daily rhythms. They have a reputation for bold designs, superior materials, and uncompromising quality - and their new beanbags are no different.

Durable and portable, they are
perfect for pairing with envee beans to create a flexible indoor/outdoor lounging space.

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Ink & Spindle

Inspired by the Australian landscape, Ink & Spindle is passionate about creating textiles that have minimal impact on the earth. They ensure their textiles have inherent longevity and are free from harmful chemicals.

Rather than following current design or fashion trends too closely, they aim to develop textiles that will fit in your life for many years to come.

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Turtle-Ball is a super lightweight and environmentally conscious, portable outdoor bean bag that replaces the old clunky beach chair. They are designed in
Australia for the beach, camping, sitting by the pool or going on a picnic.

The fabric is made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic, and they come filled with 100% plant-based envee beans.

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Softly Summer

As an active, health-conscious family, Softly summer focus on creating beanbags and play mats that are easy to keep clean, super soft and environmentally friendly.

Made from premium vegan leather derived from natural silica, we're excited to have Softly summer recommending envee beans for their beanbags.

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A passion for fine fabrics led founder Anna Vidović to launch Philé in 2017. Philé is a curated collection of serviceable pieces for babies, young children and their parents. Her aim was to bridge luxury with accessibility, education through experience, and the benefit of buying natural and sustainable fabrics.

Philé recommends filling their soft OEKO-TEX cotton twill loungers with envee beans.

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From an unabating desire for travel, a love of exploring new cultures and all they have to offer Esplora was born.

What started as a creative journal encapsulating the stories of our travels, has now grown to include a handpicked selection of treasures.

We're so excited to have Esplora
recommend envee beans for their Ashanti beanbags, made from up-cycled materials.

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Weaver Green

The founders of Weaver Green, began by exploring ways that waste plastic could be given a second, more long-term use within our homes. They saw it as an opportunity to help clear up some of the 35 billion plastic bottles that end up in our seas and landfill every year.

Weaver Green’s footstools
are handwoven using their amazing recycled plastic yarn, which feels like wool but has all the practical qualities of man-made fibre. And, now they come lovingly filled with envee beans.

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Recycled Mats

Recycled Mats are a family run business and proudly support fair, ethical, sustainable trading and manufacturing standards for all. Their passionate Australian team have saved over 300+ tonnes of plastics, manufacturing offcuts and car tyres from landfill!

We're excited to have Recycled Mats recommending envee beans for their beanbags.

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Spotted Quoll

Spotted Quoll's studio creates beautiful, ethical wares, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty around us. Their luxury oversized beanbags are designed and made in Tasmania from certified organic wool felt, with 100% of production offcuts recycled via their local weaving mill.

We are thrilled for The Spotted Quoll to be recommending envee beans for their beanbags.

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Idle Space

Inspired by the act of time-rich living in the realm of simplicity, Idle Space creates comfortable everyday essentials that balance relaxed sensibilities and everyday luxury. Idle Space are not driven by trends, rather the pursuit of new ways of living that supports new ways of being.

We are very excited to have Idle Space recommending envee beans for their beanbags.

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EcoBeans NZ

EcoBeans in New Zealand, are pioneers in the research and development of the bio-based particle foams. Their research focuses on sustainable products with scientifically proven functionality.

We highly recommend EcoBeans to all our friends over in New Zealand.  

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