Six warm and cosy bean bags to match with envee beans this winter

Following the coldest start to June since 1949, it seems to have been a long winter here in Melbourne this year. Interestingly, while we prefer a hot coffee in the comfort of our office bean bags, the machinery that produces our plant-based bean bag beans thrives in the winter. Some parts of our process can even get as cold as -78.5°C. Yes, you read that right, negative 78.5°C!
These extremely cold temperatures serve a critical part of the envee bean-making process and actually allow them to be filled with 98% air. This makes them perfect to sit on in winter because air is both a natural cushion and a natural insulator, which doesn’t take heat away from your body.
Then I guess the question has to be asked, which Australian bean bag covers are great for winter? We’ve got you covered! Here are six particularly cosy bean bags that you can pair with envee beans for a toasty and guilt-free lounging experience.   

The Spotted Quoll: Organic Wool Felt Bean Bag 

Spotted Quoll Australian bean bag with ecofriendly envee bean filling

 The Spotted Quoll’s luxury oversized bean bag chairs are designed and made in Tasmania from 100% certified organic wool felt. If anyone knows how to keep warm in winter, it’s the Tasmanians and their sheep.

Lujo: Quilted Bean Bag Chair – Kyoto Collection

Lujo bean bags filled with envee ecofriendly beans
Lujo’s extra-large bean bag from the Kyoto Collection throws back to the more traditional bean bag form, with a stylish, contemporary feel for the modern home. This decadent bean bag, made in NZ, features a quilted top for additional comfort, warmth, and a beautifully finished aesthetic.

Koskela: Corduroy Bean Bags

Koskela bean bags filled with envee ecofriendly beans

Designed by Koskela, this bean bag is a sophisticated take on the traditional style, perfect for casual seating in your home. Available at the moment in three limited edition shades of corduroy, a tried and tested fabric for those cold winter days.

BEANBAGS R-US: Bella 112cm

Beanbags R-Us Australian bean bag with ecofriendly envee bean filling

 From lounge rooms to outdoor cinemas, Beanbags R-Us has something for all situations and budgets. For winter, we particularly like their largest 112cm Bella design in their ultra-soft high-quality velvet.

  Ambient Lounge: Butterfly Sofa in Luscious Grey

Ambient Lounge bean bags filled with envee ecofriendly beans

Ambient Lounge’s iconic butterfly sofas are known for their innovative structure and supreme comfort. For those cold winter days, we’ve selected their luscious grey model, which is made of 90% polyester and 10% acrylic, their softest and cosiest fabric in the range.

 Onyx & Smoke: Royal Quilted Velvet Lounger

Onyx and Smoke Bean bag filled with Australian ecofriendly envee beans
These extra-large loungers from Onyx & Smoke are a sophisticated and versatile piece that can provide additional seating to any room. Made in Perth from an upholstery grade quilted velvet, and long enough to lie down on, they are the ultimate spot for a movie on a rainy day. 
 That concludes our list of ideal bean bag covers to pair with envee beans for a warm and guilt-free lounging experience to see you through the rest of winter and into spring.

Thank you!

We hope you liked the first edition of our journal, and a big thank you to all our readers, customers, and supporters who have joined us on the envee journey so far. To learn more about us and our battle to close the loop with plant-based foams in Australia, you can check out our story here.
 This edition of the envee journal has been written from a Spotted Quoll organic wool felt bean bag, filled with 450 litres of eco-friendly envee beans.